More about Windsor Chairs

Comfort first

My Windsor chairs are as comfortable as a dining chair can be. The seat is deeply scooped out to fit the anatomy and the flexible back is angled to support a comfortably upright posture for dining. I have attended to ergonomic details such as chair arms that are high enough to be restful while the sitter can maintain a straight spine. For those who desire an even softer seat, a tidy, thin cushion can be fashioned with tie strings to secure it to the posts.

Windsor furniture has great beauty

It is graceful, yet quaint. Elegant turnings, a boldly carved seat and gracefully arching bows pierced by a fan of slender spindles create a spacious silhouette. The chair captures the eye, yet allows the viewer to see through it to other features of the room.

Windsor chairs are strong and lightweight

Many 200 year old examples are to this day sturdy and tight, the result of a brilliant application of wood technology. Species of native wood are assembled by tools and techniques that were used in the eighteenth century. Straight-grained hardwood such as oak, hickory or ash is split and shaved along the grain to make a delicate spindle that is much stronger than it might appear. White oak is strong and readily steam bent to form the bow. Pine carves well for the seat, and hard maple makes beautiful turnings.

A Continous Arm Chair with Stool
A Continous Arm Chair with Stool