My Furniture



The Windsor furniture from my shop is made by the same construction techniques that produced today's antiques which are now prized for their distinct character, beauty and strength.

It is an ancient form in which the legs and back are socketed into a solid seat. It got its name in England and was refined in the mid 18th century colonies from Philadelphia to Boston. I have chosen from the early Windsors the best elements of design in shape and proportion. I use the traditional species of wood and keep comfort as my guide.




My settees and benches are just the thing for porches and entry ways. They are made in the same style and tradition as my Windsor chairs and can be made for two people (6 legs, pictured) or three people (8 legs!).

Other Furniture

Stools, coffee tables, and more


The Windsor style lends itself well to other types of furniture as well. I offer various kinds of stools, tables, candle stands, and more.